Earthbound Professional Musicians for all Occasions, Newcastle NSW Australia Earthbound Professional Musicians for all Occasions, Newcastle NSW Australia
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Welcome to Earthbound - Professional Musicians for All Occasions

Earthbound are a wedding band, pub band, club band and original musicians that reside and perform in Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and Central Coast of NSW.

Earthbound provide a professional, personalised, and experienced service that is arguably the best in the region. Their love of music is what drives this duo and the knowledge that they have been instrumental (pardon the pun) in a night that will be remembered for a lifetime. Based in Lake Macquarie (in the shallows) they have consistently played venues in the Newcastle / Hunter area for over 10 years. Both have degrees (not a temperature) in music and have been professional musicians for longer than their age would suggest.

Earthbound is a versatile duo that can and has covered just about any request that comes their way due to the vast content of their song list and their extensive experience in the industry.

So who are they?

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Earthbound Professional Musicians for all Occasions, Newcastle NSW Australia

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Earthbound - Jenni

Let's start with Jenni.

Jenni is an exceptional musician having played piano and sung since she was a little diva in her mother's arms. She has an amazing voice that suits many genres. Jenni plays a variety of instruments in Earthbound. First and foremost she sings and oh, does she sing. Her favourite music to sing would have to be disco, Fleetwood Mac and Alanis Morrisette.

But wait there's more. Jenni plays acoustic guitar in quite a few of the Earthbound repertoire. She has played guitar for about ten years. When she hasn't got her hands full of guitar, she is playing percussion instruments (often two at a time whilst singing).

Jenni also encourages the audience to join her using the percussion instruments that are provided for all to join in and through her vivacious personality and voice.

But that's not all. Jenni also plays harmonica and recorder. Harmonica is the instrument that tends to come out for Neil young, Green Day and The Romantics but the recorder has been used on a number of occasions for Dido and Led Zeppelin when the need has arisen. Jenni is a committed musician with a personality that must excel in everything that she does. (This is demonstrated by the fact that she achieved a High Distinction in violin class at uni when nobody else cared!) She has since gone on to complete her masters degree where only the really anal tend to be found. These are the qualities that you need when planning a wedding or function. Someone who is a great musician, has half a brain, will remember details and will not accept anything less than the best at all times. But that's not all you need.

On to Bruce.

Bruce is an exceptional musician and songwriter. Bruce also completed his degree in music, but unlike Jen was only interested in voice and his major - guitar. Bruce also has extensive experience in the Newcastle/Hunter Valley music scene having played bass guitar, guitar and sung in numerous bands that range from pub rock to jazz.

He has sung numerous times at the Sydney Opera House and has performed at "Jazz in the Vines" on the same bill as Vince Jones, Don Burrows, and Su Cruikshank. This has set Bruce in good stead for the vocal ability that has been developed to perform everything from Neil Diamond to Violent Femmes. (Whilst we're name-dropping, he also taught Daniel Johns to play guitar for two years leading up to the release of "Tomorrow".)

Aside from his vocal ability, Bruce also encourages the audience to join in through his great sense of humour and his ability to make people feel at ease throughout the night. (No one is a bigger dag than Bruce.)

Earthbound - Bruce

Meanwhile, he has developed a unique style of guitar playing that is the result of many years of classical guitar training, and years of listening to blues and country artists. This may also have been the result of growing up on a property near Tamworth. (Some argue that Bruce has never grown up!) This has also influenced his original writing style which covers a wide spectrum of genres but centres around blues and folk. It has best been described as a cross between country music and music that you could listen to.

As a potential client you want someone who is creative, original and engaging. Bruce is all these things (in fact, he has been engaged and has the ring to prove it.) But that's not enough. So, what is enough? The combination that is Earthbound! You need professional, experienced, unique, versatile musicians. You need Bruce and Jenni. So whether you are looking for musicians for a wedding, pub or club, Earthbound will create a fabulous night for you.

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